12 julio, 2008

Slide show the Maharaji en Sicilia en Youtube y mas...

From: xavier
Date: 2008/7/11
Subject: Slide show the Maharaji en Sicilia en Youtube y mas...

The Heart of the Matter

SLIDE SHOW: Maharaji in Sicily

Posted: 10 Jul 2008 09:22 PM CDT

WAITING DOWN UNDER: A Timeless Moment in Amaroo

Posted: 09 Jul 2008 11:14 PM CDT


When asked to explain his highly abstract Theory of Relativity, Albert Einstein made it comprehensible in just two sentences. "Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute," he said, "and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute."

I can relate.

There are entire years of my life I can barely remember, but singular moments that seem eternal. The birth of my first child was one of them. So was the birth of my second... as was the first time I saw the woman who would later become my wife... and the time I almost drowned.

"Peak experiences," they're called, moments when time seems to stop and we connect with something timeless -- moments when thinking gives way to feeling and we realize, without words, what life is all about.

And though the catalysts for these moments are different for each of us, the experience is universal.

Something takes us over. Something opens up. A Red Sea parts and we feel totally alive, far beyond the usual ways we measure the world, our worth, and life itself.

I've had my share of these moments and am grateful for each of them. But the most memorable ones have been in the company of my teacher, Maharaji.

Amaroo Slide Show

Posted: 09 Jul 2008 12:03 AM CDT

Many thanks to Chris Tardieu for forwarding this sweet slide show and song from Amaroo. Amazingly, Chris sent this to me just minutes after I posted the previous piece. Serendipity alert! We are all connected!

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