22 noviembre, 2008

in english (I hope so!) mais résumé en français et en esperanto suivra.

From: Marie-Anne jouanique <mariezou+hotmail.com>
Date: 2008/11/21
Subject: in english (I hope so!) mais résumé en français et en esperanto suivra.

Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2008 10:57:16 +0100

Bonjour à tous,

trop épuisée par l'effort fourni pour écrire ce texte en anglais, je vous en ferai un résumé dans les prochains jours pour ceux qui ne comprennent pas l'anglais ( et qui,c'est évident, ne font pas partie des espèces rares, ni d'ailleurs en voie de disparitions!)


Saluton al cxiuj,

Post tiu laborego, mi estas tro "laca", tro nervosigita, do mi baldaux resumos tiun tekston, kiun mi skribis en la angla, por tiuj, kiuj ne komprenis gxin.

Amike, Marie Anne.


Hello Avaast,

Yes, you do a lot of great things.

Yes, we have to work together, but how can we, all humans of the world, do that, if we don't understand eachother?

"The world speaks English". Do you agree with that? I can't believe you're so gullible (innocent??).

Do you think al farmers (or bakers, or factory workers) of the world understand English (or spanish or french...)

We need an international language that everybody can SPEAK (I didn't write understand or read, I wrote SPEAK) after a few months.

I studied English during 7 years at school (that's between 850 and 1000 hours), I can write this, but I'm totally unable to speak, first because of the prononciation, but only because the words aren't coming quickly enough and the person I'm speaking to gets impatient and I make him or her feel uncomfortable.

We have to fight for the environment, against terrorism, for the human rights, we have to care for the water of the next fgenerations....

How can we do that, if  we don't speak the language the powerfull people, the decisionsmakers, are speaking?

I just give you an exemple:

Great firms are leading farmers, especially poor farmers, by the nose. They are poisoning earth, farmers at first, but also all of us.

Those defenceless farmers would feel much better and stonger, if they could understand eachother all over the world. They would really begin to fight together against the firms (companies?) who are bleeding them white.

The solution is right under our nose, but I barely dare to write the word. There is an international language that everyone can learn in a very short time: that's esperanto.

HOW MANY people press the escape function by this word?

The fact I can write in English is totally useless, if I have to defend my opinion in debats and can't speak English without feeling ridiculous.

All humans have the same rights. So, how can people, who don't go to school for long years, study national languages, which are all too difficult to learn?

Most of us stand speechless because we don't share a very easy common language.

"Americans (sorry!) ...people in the USA  have to learn other languages". Barack Obama is right.

Yes, of course, it's good for their brains!!! But they would do well to begin by learning esperanto and then other national languages

The USA are the most powerfull nation yet.

So if they do that, the other countries will follow the exemple. Their influence might be, would certainly be what we need to make this dream comes true.


American people, "jes, you can!"


 I gratefull to you for the fact Barack Obama has been elected, all humans will be gratefull to you if you give us the chance working together efficiently, because we'll not only understand eachother a little bit but we  will be able to speak to eachother without  being very hang-up.


Remember this political woman who said "I'm at the beginning of my period" !

She was talking about the fact she had just begun working there a short time ago. It was awfully funny... you can well imagine, the woman who said that didn't laugh at all!


Avaast, would you begin a campaign about this subject?

Are you ready to fight for the right to speak?


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