09 febrero, 2008

JAPON: Mother and calf whale killed - first photo of the slaughter

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Mother and calf whale killed - first photo of the slaughter

February 07, 2008 06:37am


Whaling / Daily Telegraph

Slaughter ... the body of a minke whale and her baby are dragged up onto the whaling ship Nisshin Maru.


THIS is the bloody reality of Japan's whale slaughter - the body of a minke whale and her baby, killed in the name of "science".

In this exclusive photo - the first of this season's whale hunt - a minke mother is winched aboard the Japanese chaser vessel in the Southern Ocean.

Scientists say the calf was less than one year old.

Photo gallery: The whaling season

The horrific image is sure to further outrage the 93,000 Australians who have signed The Daily Telegraph/Today show online petition to stop whaling, which we will personally deliver to Japan in the coming weeks.

Exhausted and disoriented after a ruthless pursuit from high speed chaser ships, the whales caught on film this week were then shot with pointed harpoons, packed with explosives, to cause maximum damage.

Evidence of the horrific injuries inflicted by explosive harpoons can be seen on the side of the baby whale.

Showing the Japanese will stop at nothing to fulfill their bloody quota, the shocking images were captured by an Australian customs crew aboard the Oceanic Viking, which was trailing just metres away.

They are the first images from the surveillance operation, launched one month ago, and the first pieces of evidence collected in preparation for an international legal challenge to end the hunt for good.

Scientists say this baby minke looks to be at suckling age - an easy target for a cowardly harpoonist.

It is not known whether the animals were still alive as they were dragged by their tails aboard the Yuishin Maru.

By now they're fate is certain.

Just hours after this photo was taken, the two minkes were diced and carved, facing a degrading end in cold storage on board the mothership, Nisshin Maru.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific CEO Steve Shallhorn said the photos were an illustration of the 'outrage' continuing in the southern ocean.

"These photos illustrate the outrage which is continuing in the southern ocean, "said Steve Shallhorn, CEO of Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

"The Japanese are killing whales in a globally recognised sanctuary and don't care if they are mothers or infants.

"They just want to kill as many whales as possible," he said.

"It is commercial whaling disguised as research and I don't think anyone in Australia is fooled by the tag scientific research at all,'' he said.

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